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2021 One Book, One School

picture of The Adventures of a South Pole Pig book cover


Are you tired of sitting at home doing nothing? Frustrated because there is nothing good on TV? Great news ... It’s One Book, One School time! Starting March 1 – 31st, we will be putting our “adventurous hooves” to good use and heading on an Arctic adventure! Every family and staff member will be receiving a copy of this year’s book, The Adventures of a South Pole Pig by Chris Kurtz


This year with our additional restrictions, our events will look a little different but we are going to do our best to make this another fun adventure in reading! There will be a book reveal event, scheduled readings, optional at home projects, discussions, prizes, and more! 


Click the links below for the all your resources:

“One book, one school” is an initiative that strives to bring together schools and families through the joy of reading. We want to provide an environment where our imaginations are set free through literature. By choosing one book, that spans various reading levels, both students and staff will come together and share thoughts, ideas, and a passion for reading.  


While projects and readings will be done at home, there will also be readings and discussions taking place in the classrooms. We encourage all families to use this opportunity to come together to read and carry on discussions about the story. You can even work together on some of our projects.  While the at home activities are voluntary, they offer a way for students to incorporate their creativity into the story.


It is our hope that this adventure will spark the same never give up determination and send you on adventures of your own! So, Mary Frank, strap on your boots and coat and let’s get reading! Hike!


Click for the Calendar of Events

Reading Schedule

March 1 - 5

  • Monday Kick-off/book reveal & pp. 1 - 15
  • Tuesday pp. 16 - 25
  • Wednesday pp. 26 - 39
  • Thursday pp. 40 - 58
  • Friday pp. 59 - 75


March 8 - 12

  • Monday pp. 76 - 90
  • Tuesday pp. 91 - 100
  • Wednesday pp. 101 - 112
  • Thursday pp. 113 - 124
  • Friday pp. 125 - 140


March 15 - 19

  • Monday pp. 141 - 157
  • Tuesday pp. 158 - 169
  • Wednesday pp. 170 - 179
  • Thursday pp. 180 - 192
  • Friday pp. 193 - 201


March 22 - 26

  • Monday pp. 202 - 215
  • Tuesday pp. 216 - 221
  • Wednesday pp. 222 - 231
  • Thursday pp. 232 - 244
  • Friday pp. 245 - 254


March 29 - 31

  • Monday pp. 255 - 264
  • Tuesday pp. 265 – 278
  • Wednesday Final Celebration!

At Home Activities


The activities listed below are the at home activities that follow along with our book. These activities are completely voluntary, but should your child complete and return them by Tuesday each week, their name will be entered into a drawing for a prize! If your child completes all four of the activities, they will be entered into a special drawing at the end! All projects are due to your classroom teacher.  


March 6-7

Dress Flora for adventure: Click here to download and print the directions and here for the template to use. Cut out your picture of Flora and dress her for the adventure you would like her to go on. Will she be heading for the big city, the rainforest, the beach, mountain climbing, camping? You decide!


March 13-14

Writing activity: Flora has “adventurous hooves”, do you? Tell us all about an adventure you would like to take. Where would you go? How would you get there? What would you do there? What would you take with you? Tell us all about it, and don’t forget to illustrate of picture of your wonderful place as well. Click here for the directions and here for the writing paper.


PreK & K: Draw a picture of you on your adventure. Don’t forget lots of background details so we know where you are!


March 20-21

Build a model dog sled: Use materials you find around the house and build a model of a dog sled that Flora would be proud to lead!


March 27-28

Design a postcard: When you travel, the best thing ever is to receive a postcard. Now that they have gone on their Arctic adventure, where are Flora and friends off to now? Imagine they are on their next adventure and they are sending us a postcard. Click on the link to print off the template, design the front and don’t forget their fun message to us on the back!


Mustangs Give Back Activities

Top Notch Service Dogs logo

During the One Book, One School event, our students and staff have established an amazing tradition of giving back to our community. In this year’s book, we meet Oscar who has a very important job being a sled dog. In our community, dogs, along with many other types of animals, serve in very important roles. We are happy to partner with Top Notch Service Dogs in Elkhart, IN. This facility trains dogs to be to be autism assistance, diabetic alert, emotional support and facility therapy dogs for individuals, families and organizations. They “provide independence, companionship, stress relief and peace of mind in the form of a furry, four-legged companion chosen just for them.” Their dogs are very active in local schools both to support students and to use as their training grounds. Feel free to check out their website for information or their Facebook and Instagram pages for their posts of the most adorable puppy pictures and videos of them training! We will be collecting items all month for our new four legged friends. Please feel free to send items in with students. We will be quarantining items under the giving tree. The following is a small list of ideas of what the facility uses in the training and care of the dogs:

  • Cotton Balls
  • Q-Tips
  • Antlers for chewing on
  • Purina Pro Plan 30/20 salmon dog food
  • Training treats (small)
  • Dog shampoo
  • Dog conditioner
  • Dog Collars
  • Leashes
  • Tennis balls
  • Laundry Soap
  • Dish washer soap
  • Dryer sheets
  • Dog beds
  • All kinds of toys


In addition, we will also be having spirit days where students can contribute 50¢, or whatever your heart desires. These collections will go towards purchasing items the dogs need as well.


  • March 4 – Jersey day
  • March 11 – Pajama Day
  • March 18 – Dress like a tourist
  • March 25 – Dress like Pig day, or wear pink and white


Each week, the top two classes that raise the most money will not only have bragging rights, but will be the keeper of Flora or Oscar for the week!


You can also click here to view these activities listed on the Calendar of Events.