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2020 One Book, One School

Almost Super book cover

Mary Frank, it’s time to put on some comfy slippers, grab a blanket and curl up for a great book! Starting January 31 – February 28, we will be coming together again to celebrate the wonderful world of books! Every family (grades K-5) and staff member will be receiving a copy of this year’s book, Almost Super by Marion Jensen. 


There will be a fun kick-off assembly, scheduled readings (with an audio recording for younger students), optional in home projects, discussions, prizes, and more! 


Click the links below for the all your resources:

“One book, one school” is an initiative that strives to bring together schools and families through the joy of reading. We want to provide an environment where our imaginations are set free through literature. By choosing one book, that spans various reading levels, both students and staff will come together and share thoughts, ideas, and a passion for reading.


While projects and readings will be done at home, there will also be readings and discussions taking place in the classrooms. We encourage all families to use this opportunity to come together to read and carry on discussions about the story. You can even work together on some of our projects.  While the at home activities are voluntary, they offer a way for students to incorporate their creativity into the story.


It is our hope that everyone will get lost in the adventure that awaits!  So, Mary Frank, strap on your superhero cape and let’s get reading!

Audio Recording


Click here to access the folder of chapter audio recordings of Almost Super.  You can listen along as Penn Theater narrates the book.  We are very proud to have our own Penn High School theater group help us with performing this narration led by Ms. Crystal Ryan. We know you will share in our appreciation of their great work.   


Below are the times in the recording that correspond with the pages scheduled for you to read each week:

audio schedule

At Home Activities


The activities listed below are the at home activities that follow along with our book. These activities are completely voluntary, but should your child complete them, their name will be entered into a drawing for a prize! If your child completes all four of the activities, they will be entered into a special drawing at the end! All projects are due to your classroom teacher.  


Feb. 1 & 2

  • Acrostic poem: Click the link to download and print the page to use.  You will be using the word HEROES.  


Feb. 8 & 9

  • Design a superhero cape: Click the link to download and print the template of the superhero cape.  Be creative!  Please cut out the cape and put your name on the back before turning in to your teacher.  


Feb. 15 & 16

  • Create a comic strip: Click the link to download and print one of the templates to create your own comic strip.  You are the superhero and you can give yourself whatever super power you want.  Create a comic strip of you saving the day! 


Feb. 22 & 23

  • Grades 1-5 Writing activity: Write on a piece of paper how would you use your superhero powers to create friendships around the world.
  • PreK & K Drawing activity:  Draw a picture of you as a superhero making friends.


Mustangs Give Back Activities


During the One Book, One School event, we will again be doing some activities to give back to our community. Maybe not all superheroes wear capes, but even superheroes need a good blanket! So our super students would like to help them out.  We will be raising money to give back to the children at the Ronald McDonald House. All monies raised will be used to buy fleece material. All our students will come together in their classrooms, along with the Mustangs Give Back Club, to make no sew blankets for the children and families staying at the house. 


In the coming weeks the following are our spirit days where students can contribute $.50, or whatever your heart desires:

  • Feb. 7 – Jersey Day

  • Feb, 10 - 14  Coin Wars Week

  • Feb. 21 – Color Wars Day: each grade wear as much of your color as you can. Maybe decorate the classroom. Please no hair dye!

    • ​​PreK – yellow

    • K – red

    • 1st – orange

    • 2nd – black

    • 3rd – blue

    • 4th – green

    • 5th – purple

  • Feb 28 – Dress Like a Superhero Day!

* You can also click here to view these activities listed on the Calendar of Events.


Each week, the top two classes that raise the most money will not only have bragging rights, but will be the keeper of the emerald super cape!

We will also be accepting donations of fleece material of a yard or more.